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Synthetic Slings

Synthetic (Nylon) Flat Lifting Slings - Working Load Limit (WLL) Chart 

Particularly useful when loads are expensive, highly polished, fragile, or delicate, nylon slings are a feasible, adaptable option. Designed with a soft web, they will not scratch, damage, or blemish loads but remain effective in lifting and maintaining the hold of loads. They come in eye eye or endless style of varying lengths, single or multiple ply, and different widths. Custom straps are also available. 

Synthetic (Polyester) Round Slings

Featuring a continuous loop that allows for the load contact point to change with every application, endless round slings are extremely versatile. Constructed of a multiple fiber polyester material in a two-ply tubular fashion and designed with color coded capacities, red core warning fibers. For custom orders see Fabricating Synthetic Slings and submit to orders@liftingproducts.com for a quote.

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