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Eye & Eye Slings

Eye & Eye slings, also called Eye Eye or just Eye slings, refer to the end loops of the sling. There are two main types of eyes that can be found on a nylon sling. One is a FLAT and the other is a TWISTED. See the difference.

Flat eyes (Type 3) are formed of nylon and oriented in the same plane as the sling body. This sling type is extremely versatile being used in all types of hitches. The flat cross section makes it easily removed from beneath the load once it has been placed.

Twisted eyes (Type 4) is identical to the Type 3 excepted the flat nylon loop eyes are rotated 90° to the plane of the main sling body. The rotated plane of the eyes promotes an improved choker hitch. When using the basket hitch arrangement, the two rotated eyes join compactly.

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